We launched eVida©Knee, a software for planning orthopedic surgery
22 junio 2018

We launched eVida©Knee, a software for planning orthopedic surgery

This software facilitates an 3D highly accurate and reliable observation and analysis of the cartilages and the bones of the knee


As an engineering expert in the development of medical imaging software, we are mainly focused in providing solutions to medical professionals for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases. On this environment for software development, we have launched eVida©Knee as a solution for the observation and analysis of knee cartilage lesions from radiological studies based on magnetic resonance images.

Easy to use, eVida©Knee provides high accuracy and reliability while allowing a considerable reduction in the planning time of surgical operations. Among other functionalities, the tool has a rapid semiautomatic segmentation of the cartilage and bones of the knee.

The development of this solution has been a challenge for  EMEDICA team and we are very satisfied with the result. Also, we are convinced that it will be of great help for the specialist related to orthopaedics. Such result arises from the fact that the software has been developed in close collaboration with the professionals who will use it (as well as the rest of our technological solutions), and, as a result, it answers to their real problems and needs.


Available for Windows and OS X environments, these are some of the features of eVida©Knee:


o   Case organization or search by different criteria.

o   Initial analysis of the images with radiological tools (Window / Level, Zoom, Turns, ROIs, MIP, MPR ...)

o   Semi-automatic segmentation of knee bones and cartilages. 3D rendering of the knee (bones and cartilage).

o   3D exploration referred to 2D drawings.

o   Measure assessment: straight distances, angles and 2D areas.

o   Support to surgical planning: generation of oblique plane to facilitate the use of surgical guides.

o   Acquisition of representative 2D and 3D images.

o   Summarizing report.


If you want to try eVida©Knee, just fill out the form on our contact page.