3D Medical Imaging Software for Teaching and Research in Vascular Training
22 noviembre 2016

3D Medical Imaging Software for Teaching and Research in Vascular Training

Until now, the democratization and access to technology has been very costly for students, teachers and researchers. VASCULAR TRAINING, a medical imaging software that enables the 3D evaluation of different vascular structures, especially the aorta, is a low-cost alternative to former options. The distribution of the platform is online, via web, and offers free trial version downloads that provide a very clear idea of the great potential of Vascular Training.


VASCULAR TRAINING is designed to be used in universities, training centers and research centers. Intuitive and easy to use, the platform facilitates and improves medical imaging knowledge in educational centers thanks to the 3D technology, as well as streamlined segmentation and treatment of medical imaging in research centers.




Our specialization in developing flexible technology solutions allows the creation of new modules adapted to new sectors of teaching and research. VASCULAR TRAINING is part of our product line of medical imaging development, which creates specific softwares based on the analysis of images with the aim for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of various pathologies.


Technological Description


This application is available for Windows and Apple devices and allows you to segment different parts of the aorta, 3D aortic analysis, assess structures and export the results for use in other devices and systems. The medical images VASCULAR TRAINING analyzes are from explorations of Computed Tomography (CT) in accordance with the standard communication protocol DICOM 3.0 (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine).


The main tools and functions of VASCULAR TRAINING include:

  • Load radiological studies

  • Anonymize studies

  • Baisc tools like Window/Level, ROIs and Multi-planar reconstruction

  • Semi-automatic segmentation of different parts of the aorta

  • Manual adjustment of the segmentation

  • Automatic calculation of the centerline of the aorta

  • 3D Visualization of the aorta

  • 3D Rotation of the aorta

  • 2D Reference planes and superimposition in 3D

  • Change between 2D and 3D views

  • MIP

  • CPR

  • Centerline paths

  • Straightline Measurements

  • Centerline measurements

  • Internal and external lines of measurement, in the thoracic section

  • Diameters

  • Angles

  • Clock

  • Exportation of segmentation and 3D analysis

Would you like to learn more about VASCULAR TRAINING? Click here to download a free 30 day trial license.

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