Emedica, one step ahead of innovation
01 August 2016

Emedica, one step ahead of innovation

From the beginning, our key characteristic has been the technology we develop together with the proximity with our clients and users. This closeness and direct contact with the medical sector, have been decisive for our company to grow fast in the correct way. It has allowed to focus our modules to the direct needs of radiologist and vascular surgery professionals.

In less than 9 years, we have implemented our software solutions in several countries such as China, Germany, Italy and Spain. Our medical imaging visualization solutions and 3D planning have positioned eVida Vascular within the medical sector for its ease of use and results quality.

Today, thanks to those first clients that gave us their confidence, we can go further. We work constantly in order to offer new versions and new features that improve our solutions in medical imaging and pre-operation planning of patients with Aortic Aneurysms.

We incorporate new features in our modules eVida Viewer 3D and eVida Vascular with the direct aid of the professionals.


The innovation as part of our DNA

We were born in the bosom of Vicomtech, an applied research center, that provide us the facility of adding new research lines and product development.

Moreover, the support of the Alcor Group as the leading majority shareholder complements our identity. It allows us to find synergies and therefore, to make the experience with our medical software solutions unique.


In constant evolution

We invest in technology and innovation with the aim of continue with the development and improvement of our visualization modules and planning. Moreover, we keep other research lines open to cover market needs.

Want to know more about us and our solutions? Please, request a demo online in info@emedica.es for exploring our eVida platform and discover the solutions we can provide you.