New update for eVida©Vascular: improving the user experience
20 April 2018

New update for eVida©Vascular: improving the user experience

We have also launched eVida© Knee, a software for the analysis of knee cartilage injuries based on magnetic resonance imaging studies


eVida© Vascular, our software for surgical planning of aortic aneurysms -a tool for endovascular repair already used by many vascular surgeons-, was launched in March 2017. Now, the new update, named eVida© Vascular v1.8.1.0, is available to improve the user experience.


If you want to evaluate a free trial for eVida® Vascular, please, fill out your request on our contact page.


As usual at eMedica, we have analysed the needs, opinions and evaluations of the users involved in the planning of endovascular repairs to develop this new version Based on this experience, we have improved eVida© Vascular to make it easier to use, by a very intuitive navigation, and, resulting in an even more effective use.

Version (CE certified) improves the ability to automatically process studies from more limited quality images and, reduces the time for loading and processing the images.


The main improvements are:

o   New, more agile and intuitive browser that makes it possible to search for studies, organise them in folders and access to historical report.

o   A faster segmentation process, capable of processing studies with a greater separation between cuts (greater than 2.5 mm) and with new dynamic adjustment and visualization control tools

o   A renewed planning interface with easier access to functions and an improved view schedule.

o   An improved planning workflow with a personalized assistance for fenestrated cases.

o   New functionality to choose and register the most suitable stent in standard AAA cases.

o   An advanced management of the reports, allowing both the incorporation of the endoprostheses and the personalization of the stored format.


Launch of eVida © Knee, orthopedic surgical planning software.

Besides, following our strategy to develop health image solutions, eMedica has also launched eVida© Knee, a new medical solution for the analysis of cartilage lesions based on magnetic resonance image studies.

The development of this module has been a challenge for our team and, we are convinced that it will facilitate the planning and diagnosis of knee injuries.

It is a specific software for specialists and it is available for Windows and OS X. Easy to use and very precise, it allows to reduce the time and to guarantee the preoperative planning based on its tools for segmentation, 3D processing and measurement.


Main functionalities:

o   List of cases and search by different criteria.

o   Organization of cases by folders.

o   Previous analysis of the images with radiological tools (Window / Level, Zoom, Turns, ROIs, MIP, MPR ...)

o   Semi-automatic segmentation of knee bones and cartilages. 3D rendering of the knee (bones and cartilage).

o   3D exploration with reference to 2D drawings.

o   Measurement of the features: distances, angles and 2D areas.

o   Surgical planning: generation of oblique plane to facilitate the use of surgical guides.

o   Acquisition of 2D and 3D representative images and registration in a summarizing report.


If you want to evaluate a free trial for eVida®Knee, please, fill out your request on our contact page.