Upcoming developments in Health Information and Management Systems
10 July 2017

Upcoming developments in Health Information and Management Systems

The last HIMSS Conference held in Orlando (United States) revealed the path to follow in the digitalisation of health systems

HIMSS (Health Information and Management Systems Society) is an organism created to foster digitalisation in healthcare systems. With over 60,000 members from the health sector worldwide, HIMSS held its annual conference a few months ago at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando (Florida, United States). It is the most important meeting of IT technologies in healthcare in the United States and a benchmark for the rest of the world.  

Founded in the United States in 1961, HIMSS aims to lead the change in healthcare management systems through the exchange of knowledge, collaboration and constantly fostering innovation.

Some of the most interesting topics addressed at the event in Orlando were:


  1. Cybersecurity in healthcare is starting to become a major concern

Big Data has come to the health sector. Advances in this field enable useful data from multiple sources to be obtained, which can be turned into new medical opportunities for patients: earlier, personalised and accurate treatments. We are talking about a huge volume of sensitive information, which is also valuable for IT hackers. The near future points towards the development of secure systems for the management and protection of such data.


  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) knocks at the healthcare door

Although still in its early stages in healthcare, the huge potential of AI is starting to be seen. Bering in mind that the challenges faced by the worldwide health sector (increase in population, increase in life expectancy and chronic diseases, information security threats, etc.), it is expected that AI will contribute, among other things, to achieve better results in treatments, reduce their costs and eliminate unnecessary hospital processes.




  1. Remote health and patient commitment

The aim is to encourage patients to adopt new behaviour that makes health management, such as remote health, more viable. It is a question of moving towards a new system in which citizens become direct managers of their well-being.

For yet another year, the conference presented the most innovative experiences in healthcare. It was an interesting meeting point between hospitals, healthcare professionals, suppliers and those responsible for public and private policies in the health sector. Over 40,000 healthcare professionals attended the event to see the latest technologies first hand, some of which are related to medical imaging, which is one of EMEDICA's areas of expertise.


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