The paths of the centerline on the aorta with eVidaVascular
18 May 2017

The paths of the centerline on the aorta with eVidaVascular

o  This functionality of advanced visualization of 3D images software makes possible to obtain the exact measures of the more irregular sections or “curved” of the arteria

o  eVidaVascular is devised for an optimal surgical planning on the endovascular reparation of the aneurysm aorta


On the previous post about eVidaVascular we talked about the functionalities of our endovascular planning software for the segmentation of the aorta . We want to highlight that one of the biggest advantages of the module is that such system of the segmentation is simple and easy. Two steps are enough (create the mask and generate a seed point) to do the entire process automatically.

If these steps are follow correctly and the segmentation offered by the tool is valid, you will only need to press a button so the 3D planning would be opened. Once the light of the aorta is segmented, eVidaVascular removes automatically the central line or centerline and calculates the 3D volume from where the measures for the planning will be calculated.

Once the 3D representation of the aorta is charged, the software enables to visualize the aorta from different planes: axial, sagittal, coronal, centerline plane and CPR.

A good surgical planning is key for the success on the aneurysm aorta surgical reparation. Locating the exact area of the damaged aorta and knowing beforehand the measures where the endoprosthesis or stent will be implanted to the patient, assures all the processes and reduce the risks.


1.Paths of the centerline on the abdominal aorta

By default, the software shows the paths of the centerline for the right iliac (RI) and for the left iliac (LI). Both of them would be visible always on 3D as a reference.

Nevertheless, it is possible to add manually paths to the gluten intolerant body, the superior mesenteric, the left renal, the right renal, the left intern iliac and the right intern iliac.


2. Paths of the centerline on the thoracic aorta

On the thoracic aorta, eVidaVascular defines the path of the centerline by the main aorta (Main aorta-MA), including the ascending aorta, the aortic arch and the descending aorta.

It would also be possible to add manually the path for the brachiocephalic body (BCT), the left carotid (LCCA) and the left subclavian (LSA).


3. Paths of the centerline on the iliac-aorta sector

For the aneurisms that are located on the arteria section, eVidaVascular shows de exit of the paths of the centerline for both iliacs. In this case, paths could also be added manually for the right intern iliac (RII) and the left intern iliac (LII).


4. Modification of the centerline

The centerline shown by default could be modify manually from the 3D representation of the aorta or from the 2D planes.

In the same way, the tool enables to interact on the 3D with the centerline.


Download the free trial version of the software and verify by yourself all its possibilities. And if you have any doubt or we can help you in something, please do not hesitate to contact us.